JMB – 2016

JMB Personal History 2016


  • Cruise to Central America — Mexico, Belize and Honduras – March
  • Trip to Indiana for AMBS Graduation – May 2016
  • Trip to Colorado Springs with family
  • Epic fall trip
    • Drive to Newton, KS, then train to Chicago
    • Train from Chicago to DC
    • Train from DC to Orlando, FL
    • Family stays at Universal Studios, I go Cuba
      • Flight from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale, then flight to Santa Clara, Cuba
      • Taxi, then Viazul bus, then taxi to guest house in Havana
      • Day in Havana – food, sights, visit to Radio Havana Cuba
      • Taxi ride from Havana to Santa Clara, visit to Che monument, ride to airport
      • Flight from Santa Clara to Fort Lauderdale, Ft Lauderdale to Orlando
    • Days spent with family at Universal Studios
    • Train from Orlando to NYC
    • Train from NYC to Chicago
    • Train from Chicago to Newton, KS then drive home
  • Trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas