I’ve changed a lot over the years and don’t agree with my much of political/religious views of my young adult years…

Memorable Events

  • Sometime in either the fall of 1997 or the Spring of 1998 I started becoming active at Hope Chapel and their campus ministry, Hope Student Fellowship. But I also was regularly attending services and campus activities with the Churches of Christ during this time.
  • March 1998 – I went on the Longhorns of Christ (affiliated with Univ. Ave. Church of Christ) mission trip to Monclova, Mexico.
  • I was elected as a delegate to the Texas state Republican Convention from Travis County, and attended the convention on June 12-13, 1998. My county party didn’t like my speaking out in support of legalizing medical marijuana. I also remember getting to very briefly meet (then Governor) George W. Bush. (references: JMBzine blog post – October 3, 2002, also see these accounts of the convention: 1 2 3 4 ). I previously was also elected as a GOP precinct chair for one of the UT campus precincts, but I’m not sure if this was in 1997 or 1998.