Martha Lorraine McCullough (Branum)

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Martha Lorraine McCulough (Branum) was born in 1954 in Anadarko to Lawrence Charles McCullough and Thelma Imo Newton (McCullough).(2) She was the young child with siblings Dosia (born ?) and Tony (born?).

Martha spent her early growing up years in a small frame farm house at their farm, about 1-1/2 miles of Pine Ridge but at around age 9, her father built a new brick home about 100 yards away from the old house, which still stands today. While all of her siblings were already adults when she was born, Martha did get to play often with her much nieces (who were really more like cousins/peers due to the age gap between Martha and her siblings).(1)

Martha attended the very small Broxton public school all the way through graduation and was a good student, graduating as valedictorian of her class of 4. She also played basketball and was active in school plays, student government, and 4-H. Martha has many fond memories of her days at this school and of the close knit community there, especially with her dad being a long-time member of the school board.(1)

After graduation, Martha went to college at Southwestern Oklahoma State College (now SWOSU) in Weatherford, Oklahoma. She lived her first two years in Oklahoma Hall and her last year in an apartment, all three of those years with her roommate Jeanine. She majored in Special Education, but did not complete her degree at that time, as she moved to Minco after she married.




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